Newcastle UKIP election candidate calls Islam ‘satanic cult’

Newcastle UKIP election candidate calls Islam ‘satanic cult’

A city council election candidate has called Islam a "barbaric satanic cult”, saying he would "never trust a Muslim”.

Sunday, 15 April 2018 16:47

Kim Kimberley-Blackstar has also suggested the Queen should have Brexit legal challenger Gina Miller "hanging from Trafalgar Square by the neck”.

Mr Kimberley-Blackstar has declined to comment on the social media posts.

His agent, Tony Sanderson, said the remarks, mostly from 2016, were "historic and do not represent the true views of the candidate”.

The Facebook page "has now been removed and we feel that no further action need be taken”, Mr Sanderson said.

Commenting on a Facebook post about Brexit, Mr Kimberley-Blackstar suggested the Queen should call in her forces to "blow up all the mosques, nuke Jerusalem, The Vatican, Mecca & Brussels and lets [sic] invade and get our empire back”.

On the same platform he joined groups including Anarchists Against Islam, Britain Vs The Migrant Invasion and The Real British Folks Against Islam And The Rest Who Threaten Our Land.

He expressed support for a ban on Muslim immigration and suggested those who "don’t like our country… should be deported or exiled”.

Responding to a post about a Muslim man being forced off a London tube train he said, if worried, it would be "better to get him off than get blown up”. "Muslims have brought this on themselves,” he posted.


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